Citizen Cyberspace Geo-tagging Challenge

UNITAR/UNOSAT is developing Geotag-X—a platform for crowdsourcing the analysis and geotagging of media from disasters. During a humanitarian crisis, remote sensing imagery techniques are indispensable where difficult ground conditions prevail. However pictures and other media from the field are also essential to complete and validate the analysis from satellite imagery if they can be converted to data that is categorized and georeferenced.

The Challenge

The information from photo analysis would be even more useful if we could geo-tag it to a specific location. We don’t necessarily need the exact location: just knowing the region, city, or area is extremely helpful. But even this less accurate kind of geo-tagging requires a lot of work searching for place names, and matching the photo with satellite imagery. We’d like your help in finding ways to facilitate this work, especially if you have web development/design skills.

  1. Can you develop an application in PyBossa/CrowdCrafting that does this?
  2. Can we automatically match text in the caption or webpage to a location in google earth?
  3. Can we link locations to google earth to help people search satellite imagery?
  4. Is it possible to geo-tag to an area instead of a point?