New to civic hacking? Don’t worry! We’ll do our best to help match you with a team with diverse skills. If you want to learn more about civic hacking, open data, and design before the event, here are a few links to check out.

Hackathon Resources

Random Hacks of Kindness
See solutions built at previous RHoK events. Is there anything that could be re-purposed for Athens?
Code for America apps
Code for America has built many open source civic apps.
Civic Tech Patterns
Common practices that may help or hinder the conception or design of your civic technology.
Hacking is Good for Democracy
Article by Gavin Newsom on Wired
Get Involved, and Get Civic-Hacking
The White House call to action

Design Resources

Agile Designers
collection of resources on design elements, templates, frameworks, icons, fonts, and many other necessary tools for making web projects.
Noun Project
open source icons
planning to color a map? start here!

Open Data Sources
catalog of data generated by the Federal Government.
American FactFinder
data from the U.S. Census Bureau.
Census Bureau APIs
API access to select Census Bureau datasets.
National Priorities Project Data Tools
federal spending and tax resources.
Sunlight Foundation
transparency tools, data, and APIs related to Congressional activities, political contributions, lobbying, and more.
Sunlight Open States (MA)
state-level legislative data, also available are bulk downloads, an API, and Python API client.

Developer Resources

a JavaScript library for visualizing data. See D3 for mere mortals to get started.
An open source statistical programming language and community.
Enthought Canopy
Python data analysis and visualization distribution (Express version is free).
Data Visualization Tools
Comprehensive catalog of tools for mapping, charting, and visualizing data.
Flowing Data Tutorials
Step-by-step visualization guides. Many are restricted to Flowing Data members, but some are free to the public, and they are excellent.

Getting, Cleaning, and Analyzing Data

Web Scraping for Fun and Profit
A getting-started guide to scraping websites.
Web-based platform for building programs to extract (scrape) and analyze data from websites.
An open source power tool for cleaning up large, messy datasets.
An open source design studio from MapBox for making interactive, tiled maps from a variety of data sources (ESRI shapefiles, KML, GeoJSON, CSV, etc.).  Integrates with OpenStreetMap.

The Event

Developers, designers, and anyone who lives in Athens
Solving local challenges with technology
Oak Brook Corporate Center | 330 Research Drive, Athens, GA
May 31st-June 1st, 2014
Answer the White House call to action while strengthening our community
Register Today!