Citizen Cyberspace Crowdsourcing Challenge

UNITAR/UNOSAT is developing Geotag-X—a platform for crowdsourcing the analysis and geotagging of media from disasters. During a humanitarian crisis, remote sensing imagery techniques are indispensable where difficult ground conditions prevail. However pictures and other media from the field are also essential to complete and validate the analysis from satellite imagery if they can be converted to data that is categorized and georeferenced.

The Challenge

There is a lot of information stored in a photo however to recognize important and relevant data in a photo requires special skills and knowledge. UNITAR-UNOSAT will provide you with a set of photos and the aim of this challenge is to help us come up with new ideas for analyzing these photos by answering these questions:

  1. How can we really push the crowd to perform in-depth analyses of media coming out of a disaster?
  2. What sort of information can we get out of photos that would help the disaster management and response effort?
  3. What sort of expertise do we need to teach the crowd to perform these analyses?
  4. How can we implement this in a crowdsourcing application? How can we leverage the features of PyBossa ( and CrowdCrafting ( for this kind of application?