Athens OpenStreetMap Challenge

OpenStreetMaps is a collaborative mapping project, built by communities. For example, cyclists add cycleroutes, people adopt the task of mapping whole towns, and volunteer mappers place and edit objects like schools, hospitals, and bus stops, making the maps hyperlocal. After the 2010 Haiti earthquake, OpenStreetMap and Crisis Commons volunteers used available satellite imagery to map the roads, buildings, and refugee camps of Port-au-Prince in two days, aiding relief efforts.

The Challenge

  1. In 2012, Google Maps started charging high-volume users. Although the charges don’t apply to most users, Google can change the terms at any time
  2. As an alternative to Google Maps, this challenge requests the creation of an Athens OpenStreetMap containing the following information (feel free to deviate and add your own if you think it will make for a better solution):
    1. Athens Transit Bus Routes
    2. Bike lanes
    3. Emergency call boxes
    4. Fire departments and police statements
  3. Identify other vital resources that you feel would benefit the community if added to the OpenStreetMap, and get them in if you still have time!