Athens Alive Challenge

Currently, Map APIs and services such as Google Maps provide a wealth of information for local business, such as their address, phone number, local reviews, business description, etc.

However, the businesses information only tells half the story, and an open source model that integrates social media would allow others to see the business from the Athens citizens' perspective. This challenge requires that a visual model for Athens be built that integrates social media into existing information, data, and views.

The Challenge

  1. Create a model for Athens that uses social media to enrich the local business districts
  2. Using a mapping service such as Google Maps, focus on Athens
  3. Populate the map with local businesses, such as restaurants, retail stores, etc.
  4. Allow users to enable and disable businesses based on their category. For example, the "Restaurants" category will be enabled by default, but when disabled all information within the map that pertains to "Restaurants" would be hidden or removed
  5. Allow users to log in with their Facebook and/or Twitter account
  6. Combine the information within the user's social media account, such as photos and posts, with the local businesses so that the business's information is paired with Athens citizens' involvement and experiences